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“I’m not an “influencer justice advocate.” That makes no sense to me. I am a social justice advocate. Every form of discrimination you see in the influencer, blogger, fashion, whatever industry, is a manifestation of the deep-rooted issues of systemic racism and classism that exist in society. When I advocate for influencers of color, I’m advocating for people of color, because it sure as hell does not begin or end on instagram. We are being killed in the streets for no reason, we are being imprisoned at 5 times the rate of white people, our votes are being suppressed, our children are not given equal education, we are not being paid equally. I was a Black Woman before I ever knew what an influencer was.” - valerie eguavoen


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A movement of content creators advocating for socio-political justice and developing the creative skills of a new generation. YOU BELONG NOW was founded on the basis of radical inclusion for all content creators regardless of race, color, ethnicity, religion, class, gender, sexuality, age, and body.