Valerie Eguavoen

Welcome to my space.

I'm Valerie, a blogger, story-teller, lawyer, and advocate. I was born in Los Angeles, California and grew up in Lagos, Nigeria. I went to college in Santa Barbara and then law school in Washington D.C. I currently live in Durham, North Carolina.

ON A CURVE began as a plus size fashion blog in 2015. Over the years, it has transformed into a simple expression of myself. It’s where I share the things I love, my concerns, my views, my work, my passion, and my life. 

I love the creativity of fashion and have dedicated this platform to advocating for body diversity in the fashion industry.  I want to challenge myself and my readers to discard everything we've learned about what is beautiful. 

I love new places, as you can tell I've moved around quite a lot lol. I love telling stories, whether they are my own or other people’s. Learning about other people's culture is truly an enriching experience. I believe that if you can change a culture, you can change the world. 

Last but not least, I am also the founder of  YOU BELONG NOW, a platform dedicated to inclusivity in the creative industry and the education of our community.


There is a certain cadence to which we try to live our lives. We are always chasing perfection, and we try to achieve the best in everything we do. Sometimes our expectations aren't met, and I'm learning to see the best in that. I'm here to show you life ON A CURVE, and just how beautiful it can be. Let me take you to the places I go, share my favorite things with you, and introduce you to the people I meet. Welcome to my space.