These are images from the Black Lives Matter protest July 9th 2016. People please listen, no matter what the headlines say today or tomorrow or next week, WE ARE NOT OVER IT! Please stay on this message, stay engaged, and stay active. These acts of racism are not isolated incidents, these murders of black men and women are not just personal undertakings of prejudice. Let us call it out for what it is! There is a system, there is a network, there are people with power and money organizing to destroy and diminish Black people in America. They are hurting us from every angle, and they will not stop until we are hopeless. They are taking our lives by killing us senselessly in the streets, they are taking our liberty by locking up our young men and women, they are taking our rights and blocking us from the ballot box with voter restriction laws (research your state). I repeat, THEY WILL NOT STOP. We must not stop either. Black people have endured hell on American soil, and we will continue to fight for generations to come, and because contrary to popular belief #BlackLivesMatter