BODY LOVE ft. Simply Be


When I was in high school, I distinctly remember a close friend telling me "If you would just lose a little bit of weight, you would be so pretty." Those words stuck with me. As I grew up, I heard different versions of that statement from friends, ex-boyfriends, and even family members. My weight seemed to be a problem for everyone around me, and seemed to shape my identity before I even had the chance to figure out who I was or wanted to be. If there is one thing I want my readers to know about me, it's that everything you see on this blog - the poses, the looks, the confidence - are all things I had to work very hard at. I am still on a journey towards unconditional love with my plus size body, but today I'm taking the time to celebrate the journey and the progress I have made. 

plus-size-jeans-patchwork-denim-simply-be-embroidered top 3.jpg

If you had told that high school girl that she would be wearing high waisted jeans and tying her shirt at the waist - not caring if her tummy was out - she probably would have laughed. As a young plus size girl, shopping was practical for me and not about having fun or being stylish like it was for my smaller friends or family. One thing that changed my perspective about my body was realizing that I was the only one who actually had control over it. I am the only one who can move my body physically or emotionally, and I am in control of my reaction to people's judgments, opinions or comments about my body. I also believe that finding amazing plus size fashion has made me even more confident. Clothes are a big part of how I express myself, and a brand like Simply Be allows me to express myself just as I am. Simply Be make trendy and stylish plus size clothing for women like me, women with curves, women with a big tummy and rolls -oh the rolls! It's one of the things I love about them and the #wearecurves campaign. I love this celebration of women just as they are. 

plus-size-jeans-patchwork-denim-simply-be-embroidered top 7.jpg
plus-size-jeans-patchwork-denim-simply-be-embroidered top 6.jpg

When they asked me to be a part of the campaign, I was so excited! It was a chance to pick out some fabulous outfits, but also to share my story with you all. If I have touched even one person with this post, then I think it has served it's purpose. Thank you for celebrating with me today! I absolutely love this look that I picked out from the Simply Be website. If you've been on my blog before, you know that I can never resist tying up a button up shirt. I paired this trendy embroidered shirt with these plus size badge jeans. I completed the look with platform heels and fun accessories. Join the conversation on Instagram/Twitter by using #wearecurves.

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