Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations: Finding Your True Self


I know I’m late to the Oprah Super Soul Conversations Podcast, but I figure it’s never too late to get a good thing. I’m pretty much an “I’m rooting for everybody-Oprah” kinda girl, but I just hadn’t gotten around to listening to the podcast. Finally, yesterday afternoon, I opened iTunes and stepped into the magic I already anticipated. 

I’ll share the lessons I learn from one episode every week. I’m sharing these because I hope it will encourage you to go listen and experience it for yourself.


Father Richard Rohr: Finding Your True Self
Released July 11, 2018
"Contemporary theologian and author Father Richard Rohr discusses how we can reconnect to our true self by overcoming the many ways in which our ego blocks our path...According to Father Richard, within each of us lies the true self and the false self. The true self, he says, is what religion often calls the soul—your eternal essence. The false self is the persona you create for yourself. Father Richard believes your goal in life is to find and manifest your true self."

1.    Dignity is inherent. No one can give it to you and no one can take it from you. 
2.    God is more a verb than a noun. God is not a being, God is being. 
3.    None of us can sustain living in our true selves 24/7, we are human. 
4.    Success gives you momentum but it is never the real goal. 


5.    The true self can never be offended.
6.    Perfection is a mathematical concept not a human concept.
7.    We live in an imperfect world and we can’t resolve everything. What we can do is stand for the truth that opposes it. 
8.    People suffer because we let them. We are complicit in this human tragedy. 

9.    We fear change because it asks us to let go, and we’re not good at letting go.
10.    If you don’t transform your suffering, you will transmit it to the world. 
11.    Your path to God doesn’t matter, you just need to get there. 
12.    Religion is the safest place to hide form God. Religion is both the best and worst thing in the world.
13.    God doesn’t love you because you’re good. God loves you because God is good.