Valerie Styled Me ft. Victoria Walton


Valerie Styled Me is a new project on ONACURVE.COM. When I sat down to make 2018 plans for my blog, I have to admit I was a bit stuck. Over the years, I had been putting outfits together, creating shopping posts, and writing about fashion, but I felt there was something missing. My voice was getting lost in a sea of monetized links and outfit collages, and the blog posts that I truly felt connected to were those where I was sharing stories about myself or other people, like NYFW Hit the Curves Running or Breaking the Boundaries. I was ready to try something new with my love for fashion, and that’s how “Valerie Styled Me” came to be. 

Every month, I will pick 1 -3 people for this project. I’m starting locally in North Carolina, but as I grow and expand I hope to take this project across the nation…dare I say the world. I want to get to know the people I style and what they are hoping to experience by participating in this project. I hope to have many conversations about the evolution of their personal style and about life in general. If anything, it will be a growing experience for me and them. 

I will be styling the participant in 3 looks, working with a make-up artist if they are interested in make-up, and photographing and filming the entire project. While I have these bigger goals in mind, I knew I had to start small. I had no budget or brand sponsorship for it, but I had an eye for fashion, a well-stocked closet, and self-taught photography skills. I asked my friend Victoria Walton if she would like to be the first participant and she said yes!

Victoria is 27 years old, and a talented aesthetics consultant and jewelry designer from Greensboro NC. We met almost a year ago at a Blue Ribbon Mentor-Advocate career day program, “a Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools support program designed to improve the achievement of students of color with mentoring.” We spoke to young girls about our careers, and we ourselves hit it off talking about beauty and fashion. A couple of months later, we started meeting up for blog photoshoots, and I would go on to model some of her jewelry and make up. I’m looking forward to the growth of this project, and cannot thank her enough for being a part of it. Check out Victoria’s website HERE and Instagram page HERE. Below are the final looks and a rapid-fire Q+A about her style and experience. 



Victoria brought some of her favorite pieces from her closet with her, and I just knew we had to style this gorgeous lace top. I paired it with a maxi skirt and boots, and finished the look off with this embellished red belt and emerald stone earnings from my accessories closet. 




This was my absolute favorite look on Victoria. It is simple, but still very chIc. I could tell it was a bit out of her comfort zone when we first tried the outfit on, but she loved the finished look and was beaming as I photographed her.




The last look was right up Victoria's alley. She loves sneakers and I wanted to incorporate that into one of the looks. I paired a mesh top with a cute knit grey skirt from her closet, a long-line duster, and bold accessories.

Q + A

Would you say you are into fashion?
Since I was young. I’ve always loved beautiful things.

Favorite plus size brand?
ASOS Curve.

Favorite fashion trend?
Athleisure (sporty/sexy).

Least favorite fashion trend?
Club outfits at 3pm.

Describe your style in three words
Comfortable. Experimental. Edgy.

What is your favorite look from the three we shot?
The last one. Closer to my personal style and I love sneakers.

Do you prefer Laid back or Glammed up?
Laid back clothing with sneakers with more glammed up makeup and accessories.

How did you feel about being pushed out of your comfort zone?
I like it. It inspires me to try new things and wear my clothing differently.

Who is your celebrity fashion inspiration?
I love people with unique styles, Solange and Haley Baldwin for celebrities but I love influencers like Lori Hirshleifer, Luka Sabbat, and Aleali May.

What is your fav item from your closet?
A pink satin jacket that I found in a $3 bin at Beacon’s Closet in Brooklyn.


Hope you all enjoyed the first installment of the Valerie Styled Me project. If you are in the North Carolina area or know anyone who would be interested in participating in something like this, please send an email to Make sure to sign up for my newsletter below to keep up to date on the latest from ONACURVE.COM.