Let Me Be Your Sunshine


If I could inspire one girl, it will be enough. 
If I could make her see the beautiful woman she becomes. 
If I could make her see the joy that she will bring to the world.
If I could make her see the love that will come into her life, it will be enough. 

If I could be the light to the girl cast into the dark, shrinking her personality in hopes of shrinking her body. 
If I could be the warmth to the girl who lives in a cold world, constantly critiqued and picked apart. 




If I could be the love to the girl who hates her body because she learned that everyone around her hated it.


If I could be the force to the girl who feels powerless, for she was made fragile from the stares and sneers.
If I could be the healing to the girl whose body has been whipped with words. 
If I could be the comfort to the girl who was taught to doubt everything about herself.
It will be enough.