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20 Stylish Women - How To Wear Black This Fall

After the hottest summer in history, the first days of fall are a welcome relief. According to scientists, July 2019 "was the hottest July and the hottest month on record globally." Eeek! Climate change is real, and we need to get our s**t together, or we're toast, literally.

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Valerie Styled Me ft. Victoria Walton

Victoria is 27 years old, and a talented aesthetics consultant and jewelry designer from Greensboro NC. We met almost a year ago at a Blue Ribbon Mentor-Advocate career day program, “a Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools support program designed to improve the achievement of students of color with mentoring.”

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Break The "Plus Size Fashion" Boundaries

It still amazes me that a huge part of the fashion industry refuses to acknowledge plus size women as catalysts for moving fashion forward. Fashion for plus size women, like me, is a whole lot more than body positivity. It’s also about inclusion in the process of making, modeling, and marketing fashion.

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