We help brands change their culture.

Typically, companies approach diversity, inclusion, and equity with surface-level fixes and PR strategies. That approach is simply ineffective. Our commitment should be to creating a world that does not yet exist, a world that respects the humanity of all people, dismantles false standards of beauty, and eradicates discrimination. To do this, we must be honest, intentional, and strategic about the steps we take. Today, there is an overwhelming lack of understanding and analysis of the deep-rooted causes for the lack of diversity, inclusion, and equity. We help brands dig deeper into the surface, to understand the problems and become a part of the solution. We offer tailored workshops, program development, and campaign strategies, that help brands change their culture.


The 2x2 principle encourages brands to make changes in 2 positions and for 2 purposes:


Internal and External. It is not enough to hide behind diverse campaigns. When diversity is simply a marketing tool or quota for a brand, it shows. Spending the time and resources necessary to nurture a diverse team and develop core values allow for authenticity in a brand's external presence. From your board and executive suite to your staff and contractors, your company culture should reflect the values you want to portray to the world.


Representation and Good Business. Having a diverse and inclusive culture is the right thing to do. It increases the quality and richness of perspectives in your company. Your customers deserve to see themselves represented, to feel welcomed and valued by you and your team. Furthermore, research shows that "Companies in the top quartile for racial and ethnic diversity and gender diversity have greater financial returns above their respective national industry medians."


How we help your brand.

Five Simple Steps:

We Listen: We help facilitate honest and constructive conversations about racism, colorism, sexism, and discrimination in general with your team. These conversations can be challenging to have, but it is a critical first step to creating real change.

We Analyze: We get to know you by collecting and analyzing targeted data on the identity of your internal and external team. We use surveys, questionnaires, and conduct one-on-one interviews to better understand the improvements your brand needs.

We Correct: We develop tailored materials, strategies, and workshops for your team.

We Implement: We help your team create goals and timelines, and we help you stay on task as you implement changes.

We Change: We help your team maintain progress with on-going check-ins and by developing a team Taskforce within your company.


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